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Magic Art Wear
Are you ready for a piece of highly innovative artwork that you can wear? 
With our Magic Art Wear, you are the magician. Decorate your living room with bright yellow, sustainable green or a multiple nominated art photo. It’s very easy to change the artwork and even better: You can still use the other one as take-away art and magically transform it into a skirt, top or scarf. And all of this in just a snap of your fingers! This is typical Dutch Design, a clever way to create something beautiful in to something useful.

Art Photo Collection
The photos are from Karen Steenwinkel’s nominated ‘Nouveau Vague’ collection. Karen has been a professional photographer for years and worked mostly for advertising agencies. Her ‘Nouveau Vague’ style is her response to the ad photography which always had to be straightforward with hard lines and sometimes unimaginative scenery.
She started experimenting with a more ‘soft’ approach. The lines would fade away and subjects would become more liquid. Suddenly, there was room for personal interpretation and imagination. 

Marble Print Collection
Fashion designer Jolanda de Meester is highly skilled in marbling: A special painting technique in which Irish Moss is used to let paint flow in a specific manner before it’s transferred on silk. The originals are photographed in order to reproduce them. Can you see which marbled scarves are based on photos from Karen’s ’Nouveau Vague’ collection?

We love silk
After testing all kind of fabrics, we found that 100% silk is the most beautiful for our printed artwork. It’s also one of the softest and strongest fabrics. Furthermore, silk is antibacterial, easy to wash and lasts for decades. 

Magic: Trim & Buttons
The trim is a special feature developed by Jolanda. It’s handmade in the Netherlands.

It's specific designed with buttonholes and magic buttons which makes the artwork possible to wear or use it as a wall covering. 
What will you do with your Magic Artwear?