This bag is 100% recycled cotton and has a strong but soft feel. You can use it for you groceries or books. Fashionable with a message.

Are you ready to Cut the Crap?  

By purchasing this bag you help us to make  more art and spread the word. It's time to make some difference.

'Open Window' Magic Artwear

This is 'Open Window' from the Art Collection.

This is the beginning of a new era, the window is open for new opportunities.

This Magic Artwear is handmade in our atelier in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

100% Silk cloth is made from the finest silk there is, habotai 8 and has the unique ability of being super soft, antibacterial and super strong (you can wash it). Also it's cool in the summer and hot in the winter.

The trim is from 100% linen with our unique buttonholes.

You are the magician, decorate your home, transform it in a cape or garment, you choose!

This Open Window is a unique piece of art and has a limited edition of 100 pcs.

These beautiful silk pouches are made from 100% silk on one side and 100% linen on the otherside, beautifuly handmade in our atelier in the Netherlands. The silk is also great as a cleaning cloth for your glasses or sunglasses, because silk has a great soft and cleaning touch.

All of the pouches are one of a kind, made from samples of our magic artwear. We have a minimal waste policy and have made these beautiful pouches from material that otherwise would have been thrown away. This is our way to do more with less. And now you can do too!

Great to give away as a present, an unique piece of art just in your pocket.

'Lemon Cake' Magic Artwear

This 100% silk Magic Artwear is handmade in our atelier in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

The silk cloth is made from the finest silk there is, habotai 8, it has the qualities of being very soft but also super strong and anti bacterial. (you can also wash it and iron it)

The trim is from 100% linen and with our unique buttonholes you can put it on your wall as a piece of art. In that case the 'Lemon Cake' will change your livingroom or bedroom into a vibrant and colorful beauty and it will brighten up your day for sure :-). And if you want to take it with you to feel the softness and wrap yourself in the most lovely feeling there is you can and wear it as a top, a cape or chique skirt.

You are the magician to make some magic in your life!

The print is from a hand marbled design and part of our marbled collection. We have a minimal waste policy and do our utterly best to make the production so sustainable as possible.

This design is limited to max of 300 pieces.


1.1 peace silk pillow

€169.00 €89.00

1.1 peace silk pillow

€169.00 €89.00

One of a kind 'peace' silk pillow. All are just a little bit different. If you buy one you get one out of the collection 1.1

The colors are blue grey pink and some colors in between. The size is about 30x50cm (sizes may vary a lttle bit due to handmade)

No harm was done to the caterpillar and he made his way out in to the world as a beautiful butterfly. This pillow was hand painted with a marble technique. To get a layered print this pillow was painted twice with non toxic paint (water base) in our atelier in the Netherlands.

The filling is from recycled material coming from a couch which makes the pillow firm but soft. and the inner pillow is from silk satin.

All is very high quality, unique piece and 100% eco. That's how we like it! Making beautiful pillows with no harm for nature and yourself.

It all starts with passion.

Jolanda her passion for fabrics and designing and Karen's passion for art and photography.

When they started to create this label; Cutting the Cake, they were shocked about the impact of fashion on this world. 

They wanted to create something with less impact on the environment and more impact in someone's life. 

The Magic Artwear was born, a  multi versatile piece of art with which you can decorate your wall or wear it as a skirt, top or cape.

Also we maintain minimal waste policy, the silk pieces are exactly the size that fits in a printing machine, no paint or material is wasted.