Fashionable Art, Arty Fashion....ALL IN ONE!

Magic Artwear helps you to be creative and stand out in the crowd.

You can decorate and wear our multi functional art the way you like… become an arty magician!


High Quality, Unique Dutch Design, Handmade and Sustainable

Our handmade products are locally produced in the Netherlands with a minimum waste policy.

We only use natural and recycled materials, and for every purchase we plant a tree.

Because yes, we believe in a better world!

Magic Artwear 

Decorate and wear it the way you like… be creative and become a magician!

NEW: Corona Cowboy Hero!

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Did you know that our:

  • Silk scarves are 100% silk
  • Finest silk quality you can get, comparable to the 'Hermes' scarves?
  • Silk is anti bacterial
  • Breathable
  • Washable
  • handmade in NL with an extra cool fringe, because you're a cowboy by not giving up!
  • Great as a present for yourself or a Corona Cowboy Hero you know.
  • By purchasing this scarf you also help us, Karen and Jolanda, to get by as creatives in these difficult times.

The Green Unicorn -Youtube

We are an artist duo Cutting the Cake and we enjoy to do or to make stuff for a sustainable lifestyle. With this youtube channel we would like to give tips, make how to' s and show you behind the scenes of our life as designers duo. Also we'll use our mascotte, the green unicorn to give this serious subject some air and style. In this edition we give tips how to make extra measurements against the Corona virus situation.

Tips for breathing:

Tips for Yoga:


Magic Artwear - MINI 

Start small and be creative...  become a mini magician! From € 69,-

It all starts with passion.

Jolanda’s passion for fabrics & design and Karen's passion for art & photography. Together they create a translation of personal themes into artistic visual concepts.

With the Magic Artwear they wanted to create something new, something combining their passions photography and textile design.

It was the beginning of Magic Artwear, a highly innovative piece of garment with endless possibilities.

Karen & Jolanda wanted this to be sustainable and succeeded in creating a high quality product with less impact on the environment and more impact in your life. They also maintain a minimal waste policy (the silk pieces are exactly the size that fits in a printing machine, no paint or material is wasted) and designed packaging with respect for the environment.

Magic Artwear is also for sale in the beautiful and famous museumshop of HERMITAGE AMSTERDAM.






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