The Ruminant

In a world full of 'fast fashion' it's sometimes good to take time and too 'ruminate'.
Every year 1.5 million kilos of Dutch wool is burned and this sheep symbolizes this squander.
The sheep has her own face.

The eyes are human and plastic waste has been used to give it a penetrating look.

Cutting the Cake scrutinizes this topic. 

The 'Ruminant' is made entirely from 'waste' materials, namely from an old woolen blazer, woolen garments, such as a sweater and an old filling of a mattress.

The eyes are plastic ink cartridges packaging and the flower is made from cigarette butts found on the street. The hairs are burned and the head is detached, as if we have separated ourselves from nature.

The Ruminant is being exposed at the Textielplus in Den Bosch