About this event
The Work Art

Artist duo Karen and Jolanda from Cutting the Cake provide connection in times of separation. They do this by organizing an event in which art, music and movement interact interactively.

On March 31, April 14 and April 21 2022 they invited visitors to contribute to the themes they are working on; transition and dreams. This emotional path of transition and dreams is captured by Karen and Jolanda by mixing natural elements (clouds) with the human body. “To get into transition you literally have to get moving, which is why we let visitors watch the art while they move to music,” say Karen and Jolanda.

A new art photo will also be taken during the event. The visitors will hold and pass on textile objects in the form of clouds, together they will make this connection and in the photo there will be a cloud formation. The clouds are made of silk residual material, which have been specially processed, which creates a softness and reflects the fragile character of a cloud. This is captured photographically using ICM (Intentional Camera Motion) technique, you can see this below.