About Us

Artistic duo: Jolanda de Meester, fashion designer, graduated Artemis in 2009 and Karen Steenwinkel photographer, graduated from the HKU in 1999.

ogether they create a translation of personal themes into artistic visual concepts.

It all started in 2007 with a handmade dress by Jolanda, created from tampons and plaster. Jolanda asked Karen to make photo's of this performance art dress. (photo as header). During this photo shoot, they noticed that their creative thoughts and ideas merged as if they were one person. There was a magical connection.

After 10 years of collaboration they have developed their own unique visual language; which is original, sensual, durable and connects.

Since 2009 Karen has started to create her own Art Photos. Her ‘Nouveau Vague’ style is her response to the ad photography which always had to be straightforward with hard lines and sometimes unimaginative scenery.
She started experimenting with a more ‘soft’ approach. The lines would fade away and subjects would become more liquid. Suddenly, there was room for personal interpretation and imagination.

Together with the print on soft silk and the versatile trim the image is a complete experience.