How delicate is my Magic Artwear?

We've tested our product for many years now and have experienced that the Magic Artwear is super strong and durable! So not as delicate as you might think! You can use it, wash it, iron it, use it ;-). The only thing that can cause small holes are sharp objects like cat nails or zipper. If you have encountered this problem, best is to wash the fabric don't pull on a loose string but iron it to make it flat.


Product: Magic Artwear

How do you use the button?



How do I use the Magic Artwear to decorate my home?

Due to innovative trim with button holes it is possible to attach the silk cloth to any kind of suspension system longer than 185cm. You can use strings or rope.  Soon available is our suspension do it yourself kit with hooks (coming soon). Or buy our wooden suspension branch with brass hooks.



Can I wash my Magic Artwear?

Yes, you can wash your silk cloth. Best is wash the high quality fabric by hand. If you have stains you can use natural soap (like marseille soap) in the machine with delicate program. (30 degrees)

How can I iron the Magic Artwear?

Best is to spray a little bit with cold water onto the cloth and use the iron in silk setting. 

How can I wear my Magic Artwear?

Use your own imagination and creativity! But you can also look at our 'HOW TO' page to see some different options.

How transparent is the Magic Artwear?

The silk cloth is semi transparent and best to hang it on a plain wall. When wearing it as a fashionable item best is to wear an under skirt or top.

Is Magic Artwear suitable for all sizes?

The button holes are set in an innovative way so it is suitable for multiple sizes. The cape and top is for all sizes, but the skirt is best for small (36x38 size) There is also a possibility for custom made button holes.

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