Blueberry Rain

€ 279,00

'Blueberry Rain' Magic Artwear 

Blueberry Rain is currently being sold at the Hermitage!

This is 'Blueberry Rain', where rain meets water and boats give reflections. We hope this special artwear will give some light in your life, even when it rains ;-)

Every side will look different and you'll make your basic outfit come to life! 

You are the magician, decorate your home or transform it in a cape or garment, you choose!

100% Magic silk artwear is made from the finest silk there is, habotai 8. The trim is from 100% linen with our unique buttonholes.

The print is from an art photo from Karen Steenwinkel (nouveau vague). Hand made in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

This is an unique piece of art and limited 300pcs.