Magic Artwear 'Run Away'

€ 279,00

The story behind Magic Artwear 'Run Away'.

The 'Run Away' design is an limited Art photo (100pcs) in ‘Nouveau Vague’ style.

The artists from Cutting the Cake created an ‘Inside-Out’ story about leaving the superficial world behind, losing the negative impact of (social) media and letting go of a negative self image.
They’ve visualized the escape from the herd and created art photos about finding the true purpose in life.
Connect to nature and find the beauty of yourself and be so free as a bird.
The photos ánd the silk cloths are envisioned with a ‘soft’ approach. Lines fade away and subjects become more liquid.
Suddenly, there’s room for personal interpretation and imagination.

With this oh so arty Artwear you can go and shine in the city. Wear it as a beautiful soft cape during the day and make a statement in the disco as a sexy top or skirt. During the night and when you come home easily hang it on the wooden suspension branch (extra item) to create a lovely and artistic atmosphere in your home.


Size: 72x185cm (because it's handmade sizes can vary a little) 
Material: 100% Silk (
the finest silk available, habotai 8.)
The trim is from 100% linen with our unique buttonholes.

The print is from a hand marbled design made by designer duo Cutting the Cake. 

All Magic Artwear are limited collection with a max of 100 pieces delivered to you with an original certificate.


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'Run Away' Magic Artwear

This is 'Run Away' from our Art Serie.

The art print visualizes our inner world and the way we cope with everyday emotions like: "Am I good enough, what if I do it like this, they say I can't..." These many insecurities is something we've discovered a lot of people are coping with and we would like to bring awareness and also courage to those who buy our products. You are good, yes you can! Now it's time to run away, make a break through, do what you want to do and be proud of yourself!

We would love to bring you some softness, making your home softer but also something touchable, you can wrap it around you and take it with you so you can feel the strength whereever you are!

This Magic Artwear is handmade in our atelier in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

100% Silk cloth is made from the finest silk there is, habotai 8 and has the unique ability of being super soft, antibacterial and super strong (you can wash it). Also it's cool in the summer and hot in the winter.

The trim is from 100% linen with our unique buttonholes.

You are the magician, decorate your home, transform it in a cape or garment, you choose!

This Run Away ia an unique piece of art and has a limited edition of 100 pcs.